Tuesday, 1 December 2009

We have pictures!

I had a great time last Sunday, thanks to everyone who came, Jan for catering for us again and Julia for letting me join in the fun.

Now, I hope Scraplady Julia is sitting down, this is going to come as something of a shock to her and those who know my non-techniness when it comes to mobile phones. Not only did I take some photos with it on Sunday, but I have just now figured out how to transfer them to my PC so you can all see them too.

So here I give you the two photos that came out in any recogniseable form, but hey they are the important ones - people busy enjoying themselves and a row of someones cards artistically laid out on the windowsill.

And dont forget, we are mad enough to do this again this coming Sunday, so if you are tempted - email Julia.

Star boxes and Sweeties

Miss Dunnit recycled some magazine covers using the power of Origami. They turned into star topped bowls for us to use at Sunday's Card Making Marathon. We used them to put everyone's sweeties in. I think I've said it before - it's against the law to go without sweeties at a 2 Scrap Ladies event.
The bowls (or are they boxes?) were an unexpected hit and several of you wanted to know how she did 'em. Yeah, like I'm gonna know that - I don't do folding, it requires accuracy.
Well, here's a link to a video instruction that I tested today. I understood it and managed it. So I know you can. That's the sort of person I am. To go to those sort of lengths.

Monday, 30 November 2009

That was fun...

If you were at the Marathon - thanks for coming, it was a fun day for Ally and me, and as usual, a culmination of work that frees us up to walk around and chat. Although, you were all so busy making cards that we were very aware of the interruption we caused! Entirely without prompting, I think two people said they were the best cards at a Marathon to date, and more than one person threatened to come again. So there we are, me and Scrap Lady Ally, relieved, happy that you enjoyed it and not a little smug that it went reasonably well. The hitch in the kitchen department was handled and sorted by lunch lady Jan (try this: hire a community centre with a kitchen bigger than my lounge....and discover it has not one piece of cutlery or a single dinner plate. Strange. It had beautiful teak tables that caused me to fret a bit, but not so much as a teaspoon. Jan saved the day. She just dealt with it by going to my house and getting some. So if you ended up eating with my best bronze cutlery - consider that the dinner party I never have!

I didn't take a single picture - if you did, - please email me a couple! Ally and I will post some of the cards as reminders...meantime, thanks y'all. And we'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Well friends, if you're coming to the Christmas Card Marathon on Sunday, you should have received an email from me (Scrap Lady Julia) containing directions and a 'things to bring' list. Us 2 Scrap Ladies are really looking forward to seeing y'all.....and good news; Lunch Lady Jan seems confident that she'll be there too! One last thing...if you wanna come..despite the kitting process that's been underway all week - it's not too late!
Oh how utterly fab. Food, useful crafting and company. See ya!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

A portion of cute, please

Yes, sometimes she does cute...because she can't help herself. Then she has to un-cute it by using slightly unusual colours for a Christmas card. We live but once! The image is current, from Hero Arts, but borrowed for the Marathon from Lady Nurse. If you're coming, you'll meet her. And we can tell you stories about the biggest private stamp collection you'll ever hear about.......!

Friday, 20 November 2009


An assignation.

The Co Op car park, Amesbury, lunchtime.
Meet Scrap Lady Ally, car boots need to be reasonably close to each other......

Because there's a whole box of cards, envelopes and goodies to be transferred - all in preparation for the Christmas Card Marathon - next, yes NEXT weekend.! How exciting.
A box within a box some things just can't be previewed! All that lovely card stock - you're going to be turning that lot into several Christmas cards next Sunday. Stand by this week for directions and 'things to bring' list!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

It's another

This 'sneak peek' idea that is everywhere on the crafty part of the internet, is I've decided, just a great excuse for people like me to use bad photography as a standard. And I can do that.
I'm on the home straight now, Scrap Lady Ally will be pleased to hear - got to the point where I'm evaluating the cards I've made and ruling them in or out for our marathon card making day.
So without wishing the next 10 days away - full steam ahead!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Is this a card I see before me?

Well, you know what this means. It means that Scrap Lady Julia may actually have her cards ready for the Marathon. May. May is the operative word. When you see the full card, you'll be surprised at the scale of card to photo, I can assure you!
Just to let you in on a secret....Scrap Lady Ally, the goody goody one, has had her cards ready for ages. She says it's because she has to work full time, but I know it was really to show me up. And it worked. That and the approaching date has made me one focussed Scrap Lady!

Monday, 9 November 2009

We promised pictures...

Oh, this is tiny! Hmm. Well, here is the wall. It has 2 sets of 12 calendar months on it, handily and cleverly held with Blue tack. You get it - 2 choices for each month. Select, pick up the appropriate kit and then go make it up....remove the appropriate month from the wall for reference at your desk if you so desire. It was quite a good system really...certainly no barging or queueing and if you know either of us at all, you know that we like that very much. This picture features 5 very hard working young women. My, you'd think from this that it was all silence and concentration. It wasn't. Lunch Lady Jan has a laugh that sets you off even if you don't hear the joke, and Scrap Lady Ally walked around and told people things all day...at one stage we even sat down and talked about the dangers of repeating this for more calendars next year. Hardy har har har!
Hear Scrap Lady Julia laugh hysterically!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

So whats Next...?

Mark 29th November in your diaries. Its the 2SL Card Marathon. Details are here, and we will post more soon.

Monday, 2 November 2009


Thanks to everyone who came on Saturday, it was the funnest, bestest day ever (Mrs D and Slipper Lady will be cringing at my English) I had a ball.

Ignore all the comments Mrs D made, this was definately a team effort and wouldnt have even started without her, and an innocent comment over egg and chips, as most of you all know by now. It would have been significantly more work without Cooklady Jan, who was just fabulous - nearly as fab as her ginger cake.

Camera malfunctions aside (like forgetting the memory card!) everything went swimmingly, and if you have photos please email them to me and I will stick them on here and everyone can see how mad we are.

As Mrs D said. Dont worry about coming to us, if its too far (though I think Carmen has put everyone to shame on that score), 2 Scrapladies can hit the road and come to you.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Well done, Scrap Lady Ally!

Well naturally, I was later getting to the hall than Ally. I live so much nearer (try 500 yards away) that it was inevitable. And on event day of all days, she had the good grace not to mention it. We did squeals and happy danced around a bit because of our fantastically special shirts - embroidered with the 2 Scrap Ladies logo, see. Which I don't have a photo of. And then we unlocked the hall and made a start. Set out tables, talked about our plans, set out bins, talked about our plans, set out tools, talked about our plans and then started welcoming people. Which I don't have a photo of. Still talking about plans. We both had 12 LOs (because to make an effective year long calendar, it takes 12 LOs). Ally stuck them on the wall. I don't have a photo of that either. Our scrap ladies chose which month they wanted to do, pulled the kit and the required basket of tools and set to. And when they'd finished one, they did another. I do have a photo of something like that. You can just see the bucket of Hallowe'en induced sugar goodness that Scrap Lady Ally decided to impress on each scrap lady too. It's the law to eat sweets and chocolate at a 2 Scrap Ladies event.

And talking of food. I would like you to meet Lunch Lady Jan. I don't have a photo of her. She made us constant hot and cold drinks, fed us home made biscuits and cakes and even made chilli for our jacket potatoes in case her other choices of tuna, cheese, beans and salad wasn't enough. Lunch Lady Jan and Scrap Lady Ally: had that day sewn up. It was such a blast girls, and the calendars and frames will just look great on the walls of your homes. I don't have any photos of that either. I was so busy making sure the whole day ended up being all about me that I forgot to use the camera I went home to fetch. Gah. Must hone my skills some more. But really, congratulations Scrap Lady Ally - you rock the world of kits!

Did you miss it and regret it? Can you find a small hall/location and a minimum of 6 people who want to do A Magnetic Year in a Day? We can bring it to you, just ask!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday

This is as it was left on Tuesday evening, as you can see, prepearations for Saturday's A Magnetic Year in a Day dominate.
I haven't been back to it yet either, I'm a bit poorly today and so will be doing the old shiver and shake in the comfort of my big ol' bed!
Please leave links and things to your WOYWWs. I still want to be able to rummage through them!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Hmmm I wonder what there are for...?

Just a little tease.

Taking a break from cutting an counting, and made these. They're not finished, but they will be by the time I see you all on Saturday. I made them during a break from the cutting and counting which has taken over my days this weekend.

The Scrapladies are looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

Now back to the cutting and counting.

Thursday, 22 October 2009


Gosh, me and the other Scrap Lady are cutting counting and bagging like a couple of maniacs. I smugly thought I'd finished typing all the notes; only to stupidly delete six months instructions instead of transferring them. Well if that's the worst that will happen, I'll be happy!
So here's a grainy pic of what I've been cutting and collating stock for today. This one makes me smile.
And more good news.....there's a large Pumpkin in my kitchen, destined to become a large number of Hallowe'en muffins for us intrepid calendar makers. Yum.

If you want to know more about the event that this relates to: have a look at our Big Huge Important Announcement...page through the blog or click the link!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

13 days and counting...

Are you getting excited? I hope so, we are, or maybe thats fear, or histeria or something... :-)

Here is another peak and a tiny glimpse at the utter mess that is my desk, as I sit surrounded by paper, bits n pieces and a red hot Cricut, making up your kits.


Friday, 16 October 2009

Another partial view...AMYID

AMYID - a Scrap Lady way of saying A Magnetic Year in a Day. If you've ever visited my blog, you'll know how much I like a completely useless acronym!
Good grief, could it be that the least organised Scrap Lady has managed to finish her week's tasks and remembered that daylight is required to photograph the LOs? Yes Sir. No prizes for guessing the month on this one though, I think it's glaringly obvious.
The 2 Scrap Ladies have been involved in lots of discussions about kits, choices, and stuff. You do realise that it's only two weeks away! Any of you got questions? Please ask.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Well, here's another portion type photo.
I'm sure Ally warned you that I like to use colour. Mostly the pages are straightforward..a couple I've deliberately done so they are easy enough to finish the majority of at home..because what with all the crafting, chatting and eating going on, we don't want anyone experiencing pressure to do all 12 LOs. Each monthly kit will have instructions and a finished photo for you to refer to. So you can take it home - or buy another set because you want the same sort of kit experience to make up the calendar for 2011, or because you know someone who can't live without a magnetic calendar and your fabulous craftwork thereupon. I totally get that.

If you've arrived here from another blog and have no clue as to what this all means - page down (or click this link: )to the Big Huge Announcement relating to A Magnetic Year in a Day. There's still about 10 days in which we could take your booking without having to panic over making up more kits!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Bit more than a sneak peek!

Ssssh dont tell Mrs Dunnit, here is a bit of a bigger peek than you have had till now.

I picked up my frame from her the other day and I was so impressed with it I just wanted to show you all.

Mr Dunnit is woodworker extraordinare, I'm not really sure what I was expecting in the way of the frames but these are just gorgeous, even nicer than I was imagining, they will look fab on the wall. The one I have is Ash, but they will be available in a choice of that and I believe Pine and Oak. Don't forget though, they will need staining or waxing at home afterwards.

To show it off (or not as the case may be) I have put one of my pieces of paper on it, held by one of the decorated magnets you may make on the day. Dont worry, if melons are not your thing, Julias kit is fruit-free (I think!?).


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Announcing.....Christmas Card Marathon

Oh yeah. These 2 Scrap Ladies are on fire. Actually we should be on something!

Anyway, we're having a Marathon day on Sunday November 29th 2009, in Tidworth, Hampshire. We set up 25 Christmas cards with supplies and instructions, you come in and make them. We lay on a nice home made lunch, beverages and snacks, and we all gossip about our crafting, our families and blahdy blah. It's a no pressure day - you make as many or as few cards as you can; whilst not a traditional 'here's-a-new-technique-and-here's-how-you-do-it' workshop, we're on hand to help and eat cakes all day, of course.

Over the next month we'll be posting tips and ideas for getting the most out of the Marathon. It would be great if you can join us. The day will cost £38.50 per person and we'd like a deposit on booking - a booking form and other details are available on demand - hit the button on the left - 'Contact Julia'. I'll email you the full details. Remember, until you part with the deposit, you're not under any obligation...you can find out more without committing to it!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Keep Up, Y'all

Not a sneak peek, so much as a whispered 'heads up'.......
2 Scrap Ladies are going to announce another 'event' fairly soon.
I know, I can't stand it either. The pressure!!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Big, Huge, Enormous, Announcement!


Please check below for the latest updates and sneek peeks.

Two Scrap Ladies
are very scared, but proud to bring you
A Magnetic Year in a Day
Now - 31st October 2009
10am to whenever!
Ludgershall, Nr Andover, Hants
2 Scrap ladies, 2 scrap styles, 2 kits to choose from

1 fab result!

We'll provide 1 magnetic board, framed in untreated pine softwood and a kit to make calendar layouts for each month of the year Kits will contain all the papers, and embellishments you need, and illustrated instructions for each month's layout. This way, you can come along and work at your own pace without fear of having to finish by tea time.
We'll work in a warm and friendly workshop environment with plenty of room, a kitchen and a dedicated 'beverage gal' to keep you continually refreshed.

The day now includes lunch, since we have relocated to a slightly cheaper hall, and details of this will be given nearer the time.
The catch? You will have to stain or paint the frame at home, and you have to choose which kit you'd like to work with!

Price Now - £75 per person
Deposit: £25 with booking

Then, for the those who would like to split the payment:
An Interim payment of £25 by 25th September 2009
Balance £25 by 25th October 2009

We are limiting numbers too, so please book as soon as you can! Here's the skinny:

From the blog: 'Contact Us' - click here and email us - let us know how many spaces you'd like to book, and give us names and if necessary, an email address for each name. We'll then email you an Invoice for the deposit.
Alternatively you can phone us to book tel: 07968 151450 (which is Julias' mobile cos she remembers to turn hers on and Ally doesnt!).
The balance will be due by 25th October 2009. If you want to break the payment down further and make a second payment by 25th September 2009 please indicate that when you send your deposit and we'll send you a interim invoice as well. You can pay by post with a cheque, or you can use Paypal - details will be forwarded when you book.

Here's the small print - please read!

Your deposit is not refundable in the event of your being unable to get to the event after booking a place; we've kept it as small an amount as possible to help mitigate potential loss. Interim and/or balance payments will only be refunded where we have two weeks notice in writing; not turning up on the day will not automatically entitle you to a refund. Your place and kit choice is transferable to another person, of course.

In the highly unlikely event of our having to cancel the event, refunds will be issued within 24 hours; if it helps to reassure you, we are 'ring-fencing' the payments and not using them to fund the event.

Ludgershall is incredibly easy to reach, literally 10 minutes west of Andover. When you book, you'll receive proper, girly directions that include local landmarks to help you travel easily through local roads! If you'd like to consider making a weekend of it, or if you're likely to be chauffered to the event, there's plenty to see and do; walking and sightseeing. Ludgershall is for example, minutes from the River Test and all the attractions that has to offer, probably ten miles from Stonehenge, 20 miles from Salisbury and Winchester...so a day out for the driver would be easy! Local B&Bs and hotels are plentiful - the nearest is a Premier Inn.

Any queries, please feel free to email either of us (Ally or Julia) and we'll endeavour to answer them.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Here's another

You will expect me to be a lithe and supple person when we meet - all the angles that I'm experiencing to photograph these tasters 'for the sake of mah art, dahlink'. But that just ain't so!
Had fun with this today...sunshine on the worktable, stable door open and crispy leaves dropping off the russian vine - and actually scaring the beejeesers out of me at one stage, so carried away was I! Hope you like the rich colours. Not my doing of course, you can thank Basic Grey for that!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

My take on Julia

As she says, we first met at the inaugural meeting of the Ludgershall Scrappers. I went along feeling very nervous about meeting all these fellow croppers who I didnt know, but was soon put at ease by this very friendly and welcoming person - Julia.

Many of the things I've done since then I put down to her, though I am sure she will deny it. My utter love affair with my Cricut is totally her fault, since she showed me her little bug, let me borrow it for the weekend, and then ordered me my big bug. She's encouraged me into teaching the odd class at the notsolocaltomecraftshop and now this - 2SL!

I can't pin a certain style to her work, but then I am bad about labelling things. I do know I love her way with colour and pattern. Love the way she can put together papers I just wouldnt have looked twice at and make me want to buy them, and hanker after stamps she has used in her cards. The only drawback is her insistence on journalling, but we're safe for a calendar right? Who journals on a calendar?

I really wish we'd met back when she had her shop - I bet it was fab.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Ally, Scrap Lady. By Julia.

I met Ally on UK Scrappers. She bravely came to the inaugural Ludgershall Crop and is now an honourable founder member. If we gave out titles and capitalised, you could describe her a A Founder Member of Ludgershall Crop.
When we first met, I was hugely intimidated by her. She was in the middle of a photography course and was scrapping some of her photos. Wow. Those poppies - an amazing LO. She was also just about to start getting kits together for her first time as a teacher on the UK Scrappers cyber-crop. The kits were for beading projects and because she's incredibly patient, the classes were a huge success. It's possible that even at our very first meeting, it became obvious to me that she had more knowledge of scrapbooking than I knew existed. No wonder I was intimidated.
But all that got blown away really quickly. Turns out that she loves a good chat, is not afraid of having an opinion and like most scrappers, needs a little chocolate to feed her scrapping mojo. And of course, she has a laugh that truly reveals her sense of humour, eye wateringly wicked!
If I had to, I would describe her style as clean, graphic even, with an obviously good eye for colour and balance (the photographer in her I suppose). I think her LOs are always well composed and her Cricut Design Studio skills are really evident in titleing and embellishments. One of her specialities is 'little'. Her attention to detail is all about getting the small right so that the big picture is perfect. Here's an example - she's chosen to use lots of double sided papers for her calendar - she wants you to have a choice within her kit so that you can control your own big picture. (I'm a fascist and decided that with my kit, you get what I choose!)

She will be more nervous on the day than I am. Only because I've been more involved in this sort of stuff. Believe me, a scrapping session with her will reveal techniques and ideas that you'll be thrilled to try, but she's incredibly modest and so will be a bit scared to begin with. Make the most of this because about half an hour after our first coffee and plate of biscuits, this will change and the chat will start. You're gonna love her.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Ok, a big clue

Huge in fact..good photography means that you can see which month I'm using this for. And more to the point - it includes HANDWRITING! Golly gee, you book to come to a fun event and make a few LOs and they expect you to do your own writing. Oh yeah. But don't be scared..there will be people around with enough nerve to help if you really feel the need to not write, and remember, it'll only be on show for a month!
Are you starting to get a feel for this Scrap Lady's chosen papers? Yeah, I'm a Basic Grey junkie and this Kit will be based on the 'Lemonade' Collection Pack.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Something for everyone!

Dont forget ladies that at some point soon, we will have to ask you to choose which kit you will want to have on the day, which brings me to one of the papers in one of the kits (ok hands up its mine), its funky, a bit loud and out there, and I totally love those mental butterflies. Don't worry though, the reverse side is an equally nice but very subtle pattern which would work equally well with the calendar.

Mr Dunnit has been working very hard on the frames for the calendars, and will be offering them in a choice of oak or ash so they will look just gorgeous stained, or you can of course paint them to match your own decor.

See we try to cater for all tastes.


Thursday, 17 September 2009


Well, I got to thinking (!). Here I am, turning and twisting my bendy body so that I can photograph the calendar layouts in a fun and dare I say, at a provocative angle
to provide some fun pictures for you to look at whilst anticipating our Magnetic Year in A Day thing. And of course, I come upon the understanding that they can't be 'sneak' peeks because you aren't sneaky and I'm posting them deliberately. Of course, if I log in tomorrow to find that all 12 of my proposed calendar pages are here published, that will be a sneak view for sure. But that's not going to happen. I know this with immense surety. And I'm willing to have a prize waiting on the day for the first of you to tell me how I can be so sure. Meanwhile, enjoy a preview angle of a page I did for one the months ending in 'ary'. Lord, how much fun is this!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Something Old Something New

Sometimes its nice revisit something older, whether its an old favorite or something you didnt get first time round.

I have always thought skeleton leaves were rather useless things. I didnt like the colours they came in, didnt really know what to do with them, well, you get it I just didnt like them.

Till now.

So even though this isnt anything to do with weddings, we have something old - the leaves, something new - the yummy if bright and bold American Crafts paper and something blue - one of my Anemone paper flowers.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

So I guess its my turn

So I guess its my turn to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me - those who know me can go and make a cup of tea or something for 5 mins.!

I'm Ally the other Scraplady. I have always done handicrafts ever since the dinner lady in jr school taught me to crochet. Mostly I quilted, beaded, made a few cards, did a fair bit of photography and spent a too long on the internet. Then one visit to the US to a quilt show, I kept finding scrapbooking stuff and people talking about it everywhere. I was quite taken with the idea, and as a keen photographer it seemed the perfect hobby. The idea itched away in the back of my mind for a few months longer, until the end of 2004 when I decided to have a go. I went online had a look around and soon found UK Scrappers, where I've spent too much of my time ever since.

My Style? I love colour as well as pattern and the two are equally important to me. I can't have one if the other doesn't work with it. Photos always feature (except in our calendar of course). I love fiddly paper engineering and coming up with new variations of things for embellishments. Most of all I love my Cricut and the Design Studio, and most of my work features some sort of Cricut use.

Inspiration? Karen Burniston and her paper engineering projects are just amazing, and I want them all, I wish I could come up with stuff like this. Other than that, the posters on UKS are my contant source of inspiration.

What do I bring to this? Unbounded enthusiasm. I am the energizer bunny of ideas. Julia innocently mentioned this idea over lunch one day and I was off before she could take the diet coke away "you could do this" and "you could do that" and "oo what about?". Pretty soon you became we, and so 2SL was born. Oh and I have some experience in teaching - online (I did some bead classes for uks cybercrops) and one2one tutorials for the Cricut and Design Studio. I love to teach other people, and share my enthusiasm.

So that brings us to todays sneakpeek. I am going to have you sewing! Bwahahah! If the thought of actually stitching on a LO brings terror to your little hearts, fear not, there is always faux sewing with a pen, but then you will miss out on this very pretty sparkly red thread.


Friday, 11 September 2009

Scrap Lady Julia. By er, Julia.

I've gotta history and it might be a bit boring to rake over, history is after all the operative word. We thought you might like a bit of background though, so that when we meet at the Magnetic Year in a Day workshop, we'll pretty much know each other already.

So......I was introduced to stamping by my sweet sissy, who had moved to California. She sent me an Easter card, embossed in gold and coloured in. On the back she'd written - 'PS I made this!' and I practically booked a flight to visit just to find out how! Later, much later, I opened a small shop (Stamping Ground) in my home village - Ludgershall. I sold rubber stamps and ran workshops. It was such a great five years. Eventually, scrap booking started to arrive and I resisted. I couldn't work out why it was fun to spend so much time fiddling about with each page. Until of course, I stepped out of being a card maker to try. By the time I learned that I didn't have to scrap chronologically or develop a new arty style, I was half way down the slippery slope!
I don't have a style to call my own. But I can tell you that I like my stuff colourful, I'm not too afraid of pattern and whilst I don't mind it (a project) being a bit time consuming, I certainly do not want it to be be difficult. This for me, is meant to be fun. I tend not to measure unless it's absolutely necessary, and I'm OK to cut out with scissors even if the straight lines end up a little wonky - but I also totally understand that others can't. I think this is why although I admire it, I cannot reproduce a graphic, clean style! In terms of ability? I can scrap - we can all scrap. I don't believe it's about anyone being better than anyone else (although there are some techniques that can be mastered) -it's all a question of liking a style. My favourite scrapper in the world is Helen Miles.
I met Ally on UK Scrappers; I had by then decided to try to set up a monthly crop - I think more than anything I love the social side of this craft thing - and Ally was a 'founder member'. We became 2 Scrap Ladies over a plate of egg and chips whilst ruminating on the lack of 'event' type workshops in our area. In the past we have both happily swapped a lie in for a two hour car journey to attend something scrap-related or project based, and I couldn't shake off this magnetic calendar idea. I've been involved in organising card making days (we call 'em Marathons') locally for a handful of years, so I have been able to bring experience to our arrangements - planning and kitting etc; I'm pretty good at that stuff. So, as I remember it, Ally was foolish enough to suggest that WE did something about the calendar idea, and here we are. It was very definitely Ally's idea.
and PS: the photo is NOT the July page from my kit for your calendar. More sneaks soon, promise!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Careful hands...

..are right now producing the frames with the magnetic insides. See - you'll be able to paint, stain or varnish to suit your whim. I don't want to create a stampede, but on the day, when you finally choose your frame - choose will be the operative word. Because those careful hands are going to make frames in a variety of wood. He believes that you'll enjoy the luxury of choice. We believe him. Unless it causes a fight!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

BIG Enormous announcement Part II


One of the Scrap Ladies (and it wasn't Ally) has been involved in a cock up on the venue front, so as total professionals would, we've had to change the venue and the day:
A Magnetic Year in a Day
NOW on Saturday 31st October 2009
in Ludgershall, Wiltshire
Price (change to) £75.00

Depending on your location, this is plus or minus six miles from the original location. This is a firm, no change, guaranteed date and location; we recognise that a change isn't great, but, the more we thought about it, the more positive it became!

1. It's a little bit cheaper to hire - therefore we are having it for longer...less pressure, and
2. It's a little bit cheaper to hire so you pay a little less to us and...
3. It's a little bit cheaper to hire so we're going to do a lunch
4. It's a Saturday - no rushing home to get ready for a working day
5. Stay the night locally and make the most of Sunday in the area too
6. It's Hallowe'en - we can have even more fun with that running through the day like a silvery cobweb thread......
oh, and don't say it's only the other Scrap Lady who ever publishes litle sneak peeks. These are meant to help you decide
which Kit you're going to want to use, so take notice!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Sneak Peek

Ok here is a sneaky peek, a montage of some of the goodies from just one of the kit options.
More piccies to follow soon...

Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Journey

Several people have talked to me about how lovely it would be to come to 'A Magnetic Year in A Day', if only they lived closer. My answer to that is to check your map - please! A couple of girls have discovered that Andover, although 2 counties away, is actually only an hours journey - it may well be more possible than you think! Especially as it'll be an early Sunday morning..perhaps the one day of the week when early traffic really is at a minimum!
For example, from here, I can get to the NEC in about 2 hours, Oxford in just over an hour, Swindon in 40 minutes, the New Forest and South Coast in an hour and just over, so it may be possible! It will be worth it, promise!

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Well, here we go...

This weekend is the start of our adventure, we've done the plotting, planning and buying and we're very nearly about close to almost announcing ourselves!

If you need a calendar for 2010 and want it to be a scrapbook style, perpetually useable, and you'd like to start making it in November, in a great day long workshop - you need to check back here in the next coupla days.

Scrap Lady Ally and I (Julia) will be nervously announcing. Follow this space!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Really, it is!

Hello...this is the other Scrap Lady!!

Its coming...

We promise!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

2 Scrap Ladies

Coming soon to a blog near you!