Friday, 11 September 2009

Scrap Lady Julia. By er, Julia.

I've gotta history and it might be a bit boring to rake over, history is after all the operative word. We thought you might like a bit of background though, so that when we meet at the Magnetic Year in a Day workshop, we'll pretty much know each other already.

So......I was introduced to stamping by my sweet sissy, who had moved to California. She sent me an Easter card, embossed in gold and coloured in. On the back she'd written - 'PS I made this!' and I practically booked a flight to visit just to find out how! Later, much later, I opened a small shop (Stamping Ground) in my home village - Ludgershall. I sold rubber stamps and ran workshops. It was such a great five years. Eventually, scrap booking started to arrive and I resisted. I couldn't work out why it was fun to spend so much time fiddling about with each page. Until of course, I stepped out of being a card maker to try. By the time I learned that I didn't have to scrap chronologically or develop a new arty style, I was half way down the slippery slope!
I don't have a style to call my own. But I can tell you that I like my stuff colourful, I'm not too afraid of pattern and whilst I don't mind it (a project) being a bit time consuming, I certainly do not want it to be be difficult. This for me, is meant to be fun. I tend not to measure unless it's absolutely necessary, and I'm OK to cut out with scissors even if the straight lines end up a little wonky - but I also totally understand that others can't. I think this is why although I admire it, I cannot reproduce a graphic, clean style! In terms of ability? I can scrap - we can all scrap. I don't believe it's about anyone being better than anyone else (although there are some techniques that can be mastered) -it's all a question of liking a style. My favourite scrapper in the world is Helen Miles.
I met Ally on UK Scrappers; I had by then decided to try to set up a monthly crop - I think more than anything I love the social side of this craft thing - and Ally was a 'founder member'. We became 2 Scrap Ladies over a plate of egg and chips whilst ruminating on the lack of 'event' type workshops in our area. In the past we have both happily swapped a lie in for a two hour car journey to attend something scrap-related or project based, and I couldn't shake off this magnetic calendar idea. I've been involved in organising card making days (we call 'em Marathons') locally for a handful of years, so I have been able to bring experience to our arrangements - planning and kitting etc; I'm pretty good at that stuff. So, as I remember it, Ally was foolish enough to suggest that WE did something about the calendar idea, and here we are. It was very definitely Ally's idea.
and PS: the photo is NOT the July page from my kit for your calendar. More sneaks soon, promise!


  1. Lovely to get to know you a bit better Julia :D How many of us are going now and would you like us all to do a 'hello this me' thingy?

    Craig absolutely loves your 2 Scrap Ladies name and comments on it everytime he catches me on here :P He wants to know if you will be turning up to the class on a motorbike and sidecar :D

  2. Great idea Carmen, we'll invite those of you online to do a bit of revealing during October. The name was from Ally's amazing brain, I too love the idea of turning up on a bike!!