Thursday, 17 September 2009


Well, I got to thinking (!). Here I am, turning and twisting my bendy body so that I can photograph the calendar layouts in a fun and dare I say, at a provocative angle
to provide some fun pictures for you to look at whilst anticipating our Magnetic Year in A Day thing. And of course, I come upon the understanding that they can't be 'sneak' peeks because you aren't sneaky and I'm posting them deliberately. Of course, if I log in tomorrow to find that all 12 of my proposed calendar pages are here published, that will be a sneak view for sure. But that's not going to happen. I know this with immense surety. And I'm willing to have a prize waiting on the day for the first of you to tell me how I can be so sure. Meanwhile, enjoy a preview angle of a page I did for one the months ending in 'ary'. Lord, how much fun is this!


  1. looks lots of fun! have me all excited and I'm not even going lol xxx

  2. Do you not have the 12 pages done? Would that be why they can't be photoed? Or are you just plain eviiiiiiiiil!

    I reckon this isssss January? Can't wait! :P

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  4. Think you may be right Carmen... looked for 3rds on a Sunday so unless there's an Octoberary... lol

    (sorry had to repost, I spelt Carmen's name wrong and didn't want to incur much wrath :P )

  5. It might be February. Sadly though, I hadn't htought of the possibilities of it being Octoberary!! Love that! Carmen and Janine are prizewinners. I did another page today, they will be done, promise!!

  6. I am so tempted to do an Octoberary LO now!