Tuesday, 1 December 2009

We have pictures!

I had a great time last Sunday, thanks to everyone who came, Jan for catering for us again and Julia for letting me join in the fun.

Now, I hope Scraplady Julia is sitting down, this is going to come as something of a shock to her and those who know my non-techniness when it comes to mobile phones. Not only did I take some photos with it on Sunday, but I have just now figured out how to transfer them to my PC so you can all see them too.

So here I give you the two photos that came out in any recogniseable form, but hey they are the important ones - people busy enjoying themselves and a row of someones cards artistically laid out on the windowsill.

And dont forget, we are mad enough to do this again this coming Sunday, so if you are tempted - email Julia.

Star boxes and Sweeties

Miss Dunnit recycled some magazine covers using the power of Origami. They turned into star topped bowls for us to use at Sunday's Card Making Marathon. We used them to put everyone's sweeties in. I think I've said it before - it's against the law to go without sweeties at a 2 Scrap Ladies event.
The bowls (or are they boxes?) were an unexpected hit and several of you wanted to know how she did 'em. Yeah, like I'm gonna know that - I don't do folding, it requires accuracy.
Well, here's a link to a video instruction that I tested today. I understood it and managed it. So I know you can. That's the sort of person I am. To go to those sort of lengths.