Sunday, 27 September 2009

My take on Julia

As she says, we first met at the inaugural meeting of the Ludgershall Scrappers. I went along feeling very nervous about meeting all these fellow croppers who I didnt know, but was soon put at ease by this very friendly and welcoming person - Julia.

Many of the things I've done since then I put down to her, though I am sure she will deny it. My utter love affair with my Cricut is totally her fault, since she showed me her little bug, let me borrow it for the weekend, and then ordered me my big bug. She's encouraged me into teaching the odd class at the notsolocaltomecraftshop and now this - 2SL!

I can't pin a certain style to her work, but then I am bad about labelling things. I do know I love her way with colour and pattern. Love the way she can put together papers I just wouldnt have looked twice at and make me want to buy them, and hanker after stamps she has used in her cards. The only drawback is her insistence on journalling, but we're safe for a calendar right? Who journals on a calendar?

I really wish we'd met back when she had her shop - I bet it was fab.

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