Sunday, 13 September 2009

So I guess its my turn

So I guess its my turn to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me - those who know me can go and make a cup of tea or something for 5 mins.!

I'm Ally the other Scraplady. I have always done handicrafts ever since the dinner lady in jr school taught me to crochet. Mostly I quilted, beaded, made a few cards, did a fair bit of photography and spent a too long on the internet. Then one visit to the US to a quilt show, I kept finding scrapbooking stuff and people talking about it everywhere. I was quite taken with the idea, and as a keen photographer it seemed the perfect hobby. The idea itched away in the back of my mind for a few months longer, until the end of 2004 when I decided to have a go. I went online had a look around and soon found UK Scrappers, where I've spent too much of my time ever since.

My Style? I love colour as well as pattern and the two are equally important to me. I can't have one if the other doesn't work with it. Photos always feature (except in our calendar of course). I love fiddly paper engineering and coming up with new variations of things for embellishments. Most of all I love my Cricut and the Design Studio, and most of my work features some sort of Cricut use.

Inspiration? Karen Burniston and her paper engineering projects are just amazing, and I want them all, I wish I could come up with stuff like this. Other than that, the posters on UKS are my contant source of inspiration.

What do I bring to this? Unbounded enthusiasm. I am the energizer bunny of ideas. Julia innocently mentioned this idea over lunch one day and I was off before she could take the diet coke away "you could do this" and "you could do that" and "oo what about?". Pretty soon you became we, and so 2SL was born. Oh and I have some experience in teaching - online (I did some bead classes for uks cybercrops) and one2one tutorials for the Cricut and Design Studio. I love to teach other people, and share my enthusiasm.

So that brings us to todays sneakpeek. I am going to have you sewing! Bwahahah! If the thought of actually stitching on a LO brings terror to your little hearts, fear not, there is always faux sewing with a pen, but then you will miss out on this very pretty sparkly red thread.


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