Monday, 9 November 2009

We promised pictures...

Oh, this is tiny! Hmm. Well, here is the wall. It has 2 sets of 12 calendar months on it, handily and cleverly held with Blue tack. You get it - 2 choices for each month. Select, pick up the appropriate kit and then go make it up....remove the appropriate month from the wall for reference at your desk if you so desire. It was quite a good system really...certainly no barging or queueing and if you know either of us at all, you know that we like that very much. This picture features 5 very hard working young women. My, you'd think from this that it was all silence and concentration. It wasn't. Lunch Lady Jan has a laugh that sets you off even if you don't hear the joke, and Scrap Lady Ally walked around and told people things all one stage we even sat down and talked about the dangers of repeating this for more calendars next year. Hardy har har har!
Hear Scrap Lady Julia laugh hysterically!


  1. Heehee, it was a fun day, thanks again.

  2. It was a great day and so good to see Shop[keeper Gal actually enjoying crafting without the shop for too many interuptions.
    Can't wait for the marathon. Hope I am well enough.

  3. Wow what a civilised way of running a class! The calendars are a great idea. Sounds like a fun day!