Monday, 30 November 2009

That was fun...

If you were at the Marathon - thanks for coming, it was a fun day for Ally and me, and as usual, a culmination of work that frees us up to walk around and chat. Although, you were all so busy making cards that we were very aware of the interruption we caused! Entirely without prompting, I think two people said they were the best cards at a Marathon to date, and more than one person threatened to come again. So there we are, me and Scrap Lady Ally, relieved, happy that you enjoyed it and not a little smug that it went reasonably well. The hitch in the kitchen department was handled and sorted by lunch lady Jan (try this: hire a community centre with a kitchen bigger than my lounge....and discover it has not one piece of cutlery or a single dinner plate. Strange. It had beautiful teak tables that caused me to fret a bit, but not so much as a teaspoon. Jan saved the day. She just dealt with it by going to my house and getting some. So if you ended up eating with my best bronze cutlery - consider that the dinner party I never have!

I didn't take a single picture - if you did, - please email me a couple! Ally and I will post some of the cards as reminders...meantime, thanks y'all. And we'll keep you posted!


  1. Thanks for a great day - I think that this post shows just about the only card I didn't make as I ran out of time!! I did bring my camera but got so busy that I utterly neglected to take ANY photos!!! Thanks again for a lovely day - will definitely come along to another one!

  2. Had a very enjoyable day and yes, I agree that the designs overall were probably the best yet. Food was also very good. I didn't manage to make all the cards but then I'm a slow coach, but it was a great day.


  3. Sounds like you had fun. I have only just found this site and realise I live close enough to take part if you have another event. I shall keep popping in and checking.

  4. Was thinking of you all on the day... well, that's a lie. I was thinking of Jans chilli :D :D Sounds like an amazing time was had. Hope to come to the next event :)