Sunday, 1 November 2009

Well done, Scrap Lady Ally!

Well naturally, I was later getting to the hall than Ally. I live so much nearer (try 500 yards away) that it was inevitable. And on event day of all days, she had the good grace not to mention it. We did squeals and happy danced around a bit because of our fantastically special shirts - embroidered with the 2 Scrap Ladies logo, see. Which I don't have a photo of. And then we unlocked the hall and made a start. Set out tables, talked about our plans, set out bins, talked about our plans, set out tools, talked about our plans and then started welcoming people. Which I don't have a photo of. Still talking about plans. We both had 12 LOs (because to make an effective year long calendar, it takes 12 LOs). Ally stuck them on the wall. I don't have a photo of that either. Our scrap ladies chose which month they wanted to do, pulled the kit and the required basket of tools and set to. And when they'd finished one, they did another. I do have a photo of something like that. You can just see the bucket of Hallowe'en induced sugar goodness that Scrap Lady Ally decided to impress on each scrap lady too. It's the law to eat sweets and chocolate at a 2 Scrap Ladies event.

And talking of food. I would like you to meet Lunch Lady Jan. I don't have a photo of her. She made us constant hot and cold drinks, fed us home made biscuits and cakes and even made chilli for our jacket potatoes in case her other choices of tuna, cheese, beans and salad wasn't enough. Lunch Lady Jan and Scrap Lady Ally: had that day sewn up. It was such a blast girls, and the calendars and frames will just look great on the walls of your homes. I don't have any photos of that either. I was so busy making sure the whole day ended up being all about me that I forgot to use the camera I went home to fetch. Gah. Must hone my skills some more. But really, congratulations Scrap Lady Ally - you rock the world of kits!

Did you miss it and regret it? Can you find a small hall/location and a minimum of 6 people who want to do A Magnetic Year in a Day? We can bring it to you, just ask!


  1. I have photos of all the things you don't have, unfortunately I haven't been able to resize them yet so they're not on my blog. However, I will put a very large photo of you 2 Scrap Ladies on my blog in the next few minutes. When I resize all my photos tomorrow I will put them up with a link here.
    Once again, thanks for a fab day.

  2. I've just realised I've been telling everyone Jan is called Jay, luckily most of those people are in my house but have just ammended my blog pretty sharpish. It's usual for me though I usually go through every name I know including the dogs before I get my own kids names right ;)

    It was a brilliant day and your shirts were fantastic as were you all and all the ladies there :)

    Can't wait to see Jay's photos.