Monday, 2 November 2009


Thanks to everyone who came on Saturday, it was the funnest, bestest day ever (Mrs D and Slipper Lady will be cringing at my English) I had a ball.

Ignore all the comments Mrs D made, this was definately a team effort and wouldnt have even started without her, and an innocent comment over egg and chips, as most of you all know by now. It would have been significantly more work without Cooklady Jan, who was just fabulous - nearly as fab as her ginger cake.

Camera malfunctions aside (like forgetting the memory card!) everything went swimmingly, and if you have photos please email them to me and I will stick them on here and everyone can see how mad we are.

As Mrs D said. Dont worry about coming to us, if its too far (though I think Carmen has put everyone to shame on that score), 2 Scrapladies can hit the road and come to you.

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  1. After the wonderful day we had I can't wait for the marathon.
    My non scrapping daughter thought we had been making something in a scrap yard, or pretended to!!! Julia put her straight!!
    Lady Nurse