Thursday, 8 October 2009

Bit more than a sneak peek!

Ssssh dont tell Mrs Dunnit, here is a bit of a bigger peek than you have had till now.

I picked up my frame from her the other day and I was so impressed with it I just wanted to show you all.

Mr Dunnit is woodworker extraordinare, I'm not really sure what I was expecting in the way of the frames but these are just gorgeous, even nicer than I was imagining, they will look fab on the wall. The one I have is Ash, but they will be available in a choice of that and I believe Pine and Oak. Don't forget though, they will need staining or waxing at home afterwards.

To show it off (or not as the case may be) I have put one of my pieces of paper on it, held by one of the decorated magnets you may make on the day. Dont worry, if melons are not your thing, Julias kit is fruit-free (I think!?).



  1. Oooooh! Very impressed! By the frame and the magnet too :D

  2. Oemgee...that scrap lady's done something with her magnets already and uh.....I haven't. But, so far, no fruit. But of course, I reserve the right..

  3. That looks nice are we going to get more of a look.

  4. Oh my, that looks gorgeous. How am I ever going to chose?