Monday, 12 October 2009

Well, here's another portion type photo.
I'm sure Ally warned you that I like to use colour. Mostly the pages are straightforward..a couple I've deliberately done so they are easy enough to finish the majority of at home..because what with all the crafting, chatting and eating going on, we don't want anyone experiencing pressure to do all 12 LOs. Each monthly kit will have instructions and a finished photo for you to refer to. So you can take it home - or buy another set because you want the same sort of kit experience to make up the calendar for 2011, or because you know someone who can't live without a magnetic calendar and your fabulous craftwork thereupon. I totally get that.

If you've arrived here from another blog and have no clue as to what this all means - page down (or click this link: )to the Big Huge Announcement relating to A Magnetic Year in a Day. There's still about 10 days in which we could take your booking without having to panic over making up more kits!

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