Friday, 16 October 2009

Another partial view...AMYID

AMYID - a Scrap Lady way of saying A Magnetic Year in a Day. If you've ever visited my blog, you'll know how much I like a completely useless acronym!
Good grief, could it be that the least organised Scrap Lady has managed to finish her week's tasks and remembered that daylight is required to photograph the LOs? Yes Sir. No prizes for guessing the month on this one though, I think it's glaringly obvious.
The 2 Scrap Ladies have been involved in lots of discussions about kits, choices, and stuff. You do realise that it's only two weeks away! Any of you got questions? Please ask.


  1. It's coming round fast :D Love the purples in this one!

  2. The more I see the harder it is going to decide which kit to have, I don't do choosing I am used to just being told what is going on and obey orders!!! Well at craft time that is!!!
    Lady Nurse