Saturday, 13 March 2010

Scrap Lady Julia's Clock House

Here it is, and I have to admit that it will be the first of many! You'll see from Ally's pictures that I flipped my house over and used the flat side; avoiding the 'window' shapes.
My photography is pants and I'm sorry about that. But you'll certainly be able to tell what we mean when we say gather an idea and come along ready to play!
By way of a story, the title is a double value one - for this clock is for my sweet English Sissy and she excels at spending time with her family - and she's had some hard times, so it is a double about time that they're all happy! I hope she'll get it.

And I hope you like it.

Scrap Lady Ally will post her first today too, and we'll follow up with others as the days draw on!


  1. Love the clock house Julia, it's fabby ;) Great pics too.
    Anne xx

  2. Your photography is fab as is the project! Yum!

  3. This is gorgeous,Jules -I especially love the collage effect and the "It's about time" - brill!