Saturday, 20 March 2010

Getting your photos ready

Its not long to the big day, so for those who want to use the apertures cut in the clock, here are the sizes you need your photos cut to:

The three square holes down the left hand side are 55mm x 55mm (5.5cm)
The terrifyingly large on in the middle is 185mm x 55mm (18.5cm x 5.5cm)
The two holes down the right hand side are 75mm x 55mm (7.5cm x 5.5cm)
The round hole in the chimney is 50mm in diameter. (5cm
The filmstrip pictures are 17x12mm (1.7cm x 1.2cm) - see told you they were tiny!

Now, if your photo printing programme won't let you tell it what sizes to print the photos, then you can do is in MS Word.

Open a Word document.
Go to the 'Insert Menu' along the top menu bar
Select 'Picture'
Then select 'From File'
Then go to the document that is your picture.

If you are wanting to do the filmstrip so using a lot of photos it may be easier to put them all in a special folder before hand.

If you have more than one photo in the same folder, or all of them in the same folder, then you can click on the first, hold down the shift key and click on the last one to select all of them. Alternatively you can click on one item, hold down the 'Ctrl key' and click on other items to just select a few.

Finally click on 'Insert' and the photos will be copied into your word doc.

Now you can individually resize each photo.

Click on you first photo little edit marks will appear round the edges.
With the picutre selected, click with the right mouse key and select 'Format Picture' from the drop down menu.
In the box that will pop up, click on the 'Size tab' along the top
Here you can put in the size you want the photo to be. Remember if your photo isnt square its no use telling it to be or it will be mishapen. This box also uses centimeters rather than mm.
Click on 'OK' when you are finished and the changes should appear to the photo.

If your photos are a little jammed together make spaces between them, by clicking with your mouse between a photo and then tapping the space bar to make a space.

Repeat the above for all your photos so that they are size you need for your clock project. Then just print them as you would normally in word, but select the approprate quality and paper type if you are printing them onto photo paper.

Have fun!

PS Don't worry, if you sign up for the class then these instructions and more will be sent out to you in time to get your photos ready.

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