Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Christmas Card Marathon

Summer is here. July is just about done, so it surely must be time to get ready for Christmas!

Now don't shoot the messenger, I am here just to let you know its only 3 months to the 2 Scrapladies Christmas Card Marathon -details below:-

Christmas Card Marathon

Saturday 30th October 2010
Tidworth, Hants
10am to 4pm

£40 per person

We're happy to announce another Marathon card making session in our usual format: we'll supply everything you need - sample to copy, instructions, papers, glitters, stamps, blah - to make a bunch of Christmas cards (one of each - about 25 if you do them all!). We'll be lurking to provide commentary and beverages, and there'll be a lovely home-made lunch too.

Booking is essential. There is an upper limit too, so don't delay especially if you want to come with a bunch of friends. We'd like a £10 deposit per person with your booking; if you want to, you can make an interim payment (half way to the date is about 15th September). Either way, all balances will be payable on the day, at the door. Payments can be made via Paypal or by cheque or cash of course. Once you've booked your spot, we'll confirm, and by email provide you with further details - route directions, what to bring.

Please read the small print:

- your deposit is not automatically refundable. If we know in advance that you can't come, we will do our best to fill your space and therefore return your deposit. (7 days in advance, minimum)
- Your deposit can be transferred to benefit another attendee if you give us notice that you aren't coming. (7 days notice, minimum)
- Your deposit is entirely safe and 'ring-fenced'. We will not be using it to buy resources or pay costs in advance. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel the day, your deposit will refunded within 48 hours of our cancellation announcement.
If you would like to book, please email Scraplady Julia.
Hope to see you there.

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  1. WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO! I think. Alhtough I have not one single card done. Yet.